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Fido Systems works with small and medium business. We offer complete services for computers, networks, and telecommunications. Since 2001, Fido's personable staff have provided thousands of Bay Area end-users exceptional IT Services and Support. From 10 users to over 100, we have a program that fits your needs and budget.

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Windows PC & Apple Mac Laptop/Desktop Support


Common Productivity Killers:

Have your employees stopped work because their computer was not functioning? Are they hobbled by system hangs? Are you often waiting for an IT person to show up?

For Fido's clients, these gremlins are nearly extinct.

  • Reliability Designed Into The System

Its starts with reliable system design and maintenance. We partner with Dell Computers to provide you the best performing and best supported systems for your IT dollar. We help you select the best specifications for your operational and budgetary needs. Then we provision those to you with all the apps you need, fully tested, and ready for reliable service. We install our agents on the machines to monitor their health. Each month we provide you a complete list of your inventory including the age of each machine, who it is assigned to, current disk capacities, and other custom information that you can specify for us to track, such as its location or even funding source.

For Fido’s clients, productivity-stealing gremlins are nearly extinct.
  • Security

We then wrap that well-designed system inside a dog-house of protections including firewalls, anti-malware agents, and scrubbed email vectors.  

  • Real-Time Support

Finally, its all backed up with Fido's real time help desk. Our remote tools are numerous and exceptional, enabling our support people to be right there working with the end user and their computer in real time, and at the moment the help is needed.

Guardian Managed Service

You can have Fido protecting and enhancing your organization's productivity by signing up for our Guardian Managed Service plan. Our Guardian Plan provides you all the support and as much of the support you need to maintain your system.  All this for a predictable fixed monthly cost. Learn more..

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