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Fido Systems works with small and medium business. We offer complete services for computers, networks, and telecommunications. Since 2001, Fido's personable staff have provided thousands of Bay Area end-users exceptional IT Services and Support. From 10 users to over 100, we have a program that fits your needs and budget.

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Fido Fetch™ is the next generation backup solution.   For a fixed monthly fee, all of your production servers and data will be synchronized across a triple-redundant system, protecting you from the very worst scenarios and everything in-between.  This triple redundancy includes:


  1. Onsite Snap-Shots.  These are regularly captured indexes of the state of the server at one point in time.  Snap-shots record only changes and allow for quick restoration of files and system states back to the specific time when the snap-shot was created.
  2. Onsite Mirroring: Data is duplicated to local storage resources
  3. Hot-site Disaster Recovery: Data and full server images are stored in our data-center.  Should your systems fail for any reason we can boot them in our virtual environment and provide you immediate access.

How it Works in a Disaster

Even if your entire office were destroyed and all your servers with it, Fido Systems would still be able to recreate your computer environment in a virtual world inside Fido’s data center.   It would be complete with all of your important data and files updated to within 24 hours or less of the disaster.

You and your employees could work from any Internet-connected location using remote desktop capabilities, just like you work from home now. 

Versions of Windows XP and above come with the client software you need to access the office remotely. This software, called Remote Desktop Connector, will allow you to make a remote connection to a desktop and access work resources just like working on a workstation in the office.  


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