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Fido Systems works with small and medium business. We offer complete services for computers, networks, and telecommunications. Since 2001, Fido's personable staff have provided thousands of Bay Area end-users exceptional IT Services and Support. From 10 users to over 100, we have a program that fits your needs and budget.

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Custom Printed Hand Prosthesis for Children and Adults

The Fido-Hand project aims to provide custom fitted prosthetic hands to everyone that needs.

Mary with her first Fido-Hand

Mary with her first Fido-Hand

The FidoHand is a 3D printed body-powered hand. Each hand is custom sized and printed. We have worked hard to simplify the process of providing a custom 3D-printed prosthetic hand. The Fido-Hand is a low-cost device that will come with a full year of support.  

Our goal is to provide a device that can be shipped to you anywhere in the world and custom fitted by you with some simple instructions.  You won't need to have your own 3D printer, nor will you have to find someone who does.  And you won't have to spend lots of time with a specialist getting the device to fit just right.  The design allows you to mold a custom fit right in your own home.   We will even supply you with user replaceable parts if something should break.

Common Questions

For whom is Fido-hand suited?
Fido-Hand's current design requires a functional palm and wrist.  Flexing the wrist powers the fingers and provides opening and closing of the grip.

How did Fido-Hand come to be?
Fido-Hand began as a side-project at Fido Systems. Fido Systems is an out-sourced IT firm in San Francisco. Keeping abreast of technologies is a natural part of every day operations. We wanted to explore 3D printing and give something back to the community. The hand was inspired by the original works of Ivan Owen and Richard Van As. After printing their hand designs, we started imaging improvements.  Soon it became an obsession that has endured over 11 months resulting in the first generation Fido-Hand. We have also cooperated with e-Nable, which is a group of hobbyists and volunteers dedicated to advancing 3D printing for the creation of low-cost prostheses.  

Affordability is a major goal.  The printing technology allows for durable parts that are scaled and printed to order.  A simplified design allows for a minimal number of parts and quick assembly.  A custom printed Fido-Hand will include one year of support for replacement parts.



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