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Fido Systems works with small and medium business. We offer complete services for computers, networks, and telecommunications. Since 2001, Fido's personable staff have provided thousands of Bay Area end-users exceptional IT Services and Support. From 10 users to over 100, we have a program that fits your needs and budget.

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Medium Companies: Between 10 to 60 staff

As a medium-sized business of 10 to 60 employees, you may or may not have IT resources at your disposal, and unlike a smaller business, your IT environment is likely more complex, running one or more servers, numerous desktops, and even multiple operating systems. You may be resource constrained but still need and expect a stable and productive network. Fido Systems is your solution. 

If you have a specific IT environment already in place, we have the skills and experience to help you manage it. If you need help with a specific need, we can guide you to the best cost-benefit solution and help you integrate it with existing systems. The following are a few ways in which we can help your business:  

  • Fido can supplement your IT department or help execute new projects or network upgrades.
  • We can be your trusted on-call partner if you need immediate help. Our team can come onsite or fix problems remotely.
  • Fido has clients in many professional service verticals, including law firms and medical clinics.  Our knowledge and experience will help your business succeed. 
  • We can provide all levels of IT support from desktop support, to procurement, to CTO level strategic planning. We've never seen an IT challenge that we couldn't handle. 
  • Bringing in Fido can be 25 - 50% less expensive than hiring additional IT professionals, and can be more effective.
  • We can help simplify your IT strategy and make it easier for you to manage various components on your own.
  • We are fully certified in all major technologies so you can be confident that jobs will get done quickly and correctly.

Contact us to learn how we can help your business succeed.

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