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Fido Systems works with small and medium business. We offer complete services for computers, networks, and telecommunications. Since 2001, Fido's personable staff have provided thousands of Bay Area end-users exceptional IT Services and Support. From 10 users to over 100, we have a program that fits your needs and budget.

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Your Size Fits Us Just Right

Services that Scale

Fido Systems has delivered excellent, cost-effective IT service to many satisfied customers. We have been helping businesses like yours for over 10 years. 

Every firm has its own way of doing business, and each IT system has its own idiosyncrasies.  Fido Systems believes that there is no such a thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with each client to develop solutions that will fit their needs and support their business. 

Small Firm


If you have 10 or fewer end-users, you are likely looking for a complete solution. You probably have limited IT resources and budget, and you need things to "just work." Staff time spent  battling computer problems is more of a distraction than a solution. If you want to off-load the burden of your IT infrastructure as much as possible.  Learn more...  

Medium Firm


With between 10 and 60 users, you may have some computer-savvy people around the office or even dedicated IT staff, but they can't do it all.  You need a complete solution and some expert support and guidance. Learn more...

Larger Firm


With over 60 end users,  you may have in-house support but you need augmented expertise. Fido Systems can offer cost-effective Tier II help desk support as well as strategic advice, project management and high level expertise. Learn more.. 

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